5 Hygiene tips at the gym during lockdown period

After 3 months of crying over the closure of the iron sanctuary, we can finally go back and say hasta la vista to those resistance bands and 5 lbs dumbbells. However, despite the gyms are opening in your local area we still have to be cautious of the virus as they are still roaming around and a cure has not been found yet. In this blog, we will give you our opinion on how to keep yourself clean and Covid free in your comeback in order to prevent wave 2 from happening. If it does, you can say goodbye to all of your gains and say hello to wave 2 of Mr.Rona. 


Wipe the locker/rack before putting your belongings

Either if your gym provides you with both disinfectants and paper towels or not, you need these as when you are about to put your things in your locker, you would not know if the previous user of the locker has wiped the locker before they left. For assurance, do a bit of spray and wipe before you put your things in the locker.


Wipe the machines and equipment before and after use

You cannot be too sure if the previous user have wiped the machines/equipment after usage. Therefore, playing it safe at all times is the best way to keep everything as hygienic as possible as the goal is to minimize the spread of the virus. So remember to wipe those machines and equipment before and after use.

Wash your hands before and after your workout

You may have touched a couple of things when you are on your way to the gym and especially when you are working out which involves touching the equipment and machines. In order to try preventing the virus spread both inside and outside the gym, it is best to wash your hands before and after your workout.


Stay home if you have flu-like symptoms

If you do have flu-like symptoms, stay home and get yourself tested.


Keep yourself 1.5m away from other people

We know a lot of yous want to shake, hug, fist bump or even kiss the gym homies goodnight. However, the cure has not been found yet and new cases still arise by each day. Therefore greet your homies with a wave, peace sign or even the classic G’day.

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